What to know about $400 check, deposit

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Auto insurance refunds have been a key talking point for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer this month — in events and following a campaign promoting them — as she seeks a second four-year term in November.

Here are some answers from Free Press Lansing Bureau Chief Paul Egan about the $400 refunds. 

The Department of Insurance and Financial Services also offers its own Q&A.

Am I eligible for a refund?

To qualify, residents must have had a vehicle insured in Michigan last Oct. 31. The policy must meet the minimum insurance requirements for operating a vehicle on Michigan roads.

When is the money arriving?

Or as Whitmer might have put it in her first campaign, when do I get my damn check?

That’s really the question everyone wants to know.

According to Whitmer, who held an event earlier this month in Detroit with Mayor Mike Duggan, some Michigan motorists already should have received it. But others may have to wait until May.