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Top 10 Small Business Marketing Tips for Starting a Business

Your small business needs effective marketing strategies to grow, as it can be quite challenging to raise brand awareness due to a lack of resources and size. You, alongside everyone that works in your business, need to understand marketing as it helps increase the value of your small business. There are numerous ways to market your business, but before you can do this effectively, you need to have a marketing goal and understand the audience you want to market to. Once you’re able to do this, the growth of your business depends simply on your smart marketing strategies. This article will discuss some of the marketing tips you can use as a small business owner. But first, let’s take a look at the factors you should consider before carrying out any marketing strategy.
Factors that will Maximize Your Marketing Efforts
Even though there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy for all businesses, there are certain factors that you have to consider to enable you to choose the right marketing strategy for your business. The general goal of marketing is to enable businesses to connect with their target customer base. Outlined below are two factors that will enable you to narrow down your marketing strategies to those that apply to your business.
• Your Marketing Goals
You can’t start marketing your business without a clear goal in mind. Therefore, you must create a marketing goal from the start of your business, and you must take the time to re-examine this goal as your business grows. This way, you’ll be able to decipher the marketing tips that are working and those that are not.
• Your Target Market
You must understand your target market, as these are the people you are marketing your business to. You should take the time to figure out their demographic, location, social platforms they hang out on, products they search for, and other customer-centric information. Researching the behaviors and needs of your target audience will increase your chances of marketing towards those needs and fulfilling them. Besides, once you have a clear view of where to target your marketing, the bigger the returns.
Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
1. Utilize Google Marketing Tools
Google has a variety of offerings that can benefit your small business, but first, you have to have an online presence. Then, you can capitalize on the Google My Business tool and create an account so you can have complete control of all your business information. Google My Business combines various Google platforms like Google+ profile, Google reviews, Google Maps, and others into one place, and it gives both visibility and credibility to your business.
Ranking your Google My Business listing is an effective marketing strategy for your business as it would help you target local customers. In addition, businesses in the top 3 ranks don’t need to spend money on ads as they will rack in high-quality leads daily. Besides, all you have to do is collect reviews and optimize your business profile.
Another Google marketing tool you should capitalize on is Google Adwords. With this offering, your business has the potential to reach a large number of people daily. Even though it is costly and competitive, it is a good marketing strategy to consider when you have some money left in your marketing budget.
2. Capitalize on Social Media
There are multiple social media platforms, and sometimes, it can be quite hard trying to show your business on all social platforms. This is where knowing your customer comes. Market research will give you information on the social platforms your target customers are on – making it easy for you to streamline the platforms your business can be on. You can also decide to focus on the platforms that your business is getting the most engagement from. Besides, investing in organic social media growth will do wonders for your business.
Many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have Ad managers to target your ads to your potential customers. Facebook Ads is one of the most prominent examples as it has proven an effective way to market your products and services. With Facebook ads, you can target a specific audience using age, interests, location, online behavior, sex, and others. However, if your target audience is not majorly on this platform, you can utilize Twitter and Instagram Ads.
3. Email Marketing
Converting website traffic into leads is one thing, and getting these leads to purchase from you is another thing. This is why email marketing is important, as it enables you to stay on top of the mind of your prospective customers and nudge them into buying from you. Email marketing also helps businesses to form loyalty with their customers. There are multiple effective and free email marketing tools you can use for your business to automate your marketing emails and help you grow your business. This marketing strategy is easy to set up, and it enables you to keep the communication lines open with your new and existing customers.
4. Content Marketing
Content marketing is one of the most efficient ways to attract customers to your business, and this strategy involves generating and distributing significant, reliable, and valuable content to initiate profitable customer action. This marketing strategy focuses on long-term results, and there are different ways you can carry it out, from blog posts to podcasts, videos, and online courses. Besides, you can repurpose your shared content to share on other platforms.
5. Networking/Partnerships
Business success is mostly about relationships, and joining business groups and networking allows you to make relationships that can aid your business growth. You can join many local business groups in your area, from community groups to business associations and meet-up groups. You can also join forums and chat rooms online on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, where you can network with like-minded individuals.
Networking can sometimes lead to profitable partnerships, which can benefit businesses tremendously. For example, partnering with another business will reduce your load and increase your profitability as you’d be getting an influx of your partner’s customers as well. Plus, working out a mutually beneficial arrangement for your businesses will help you in the long run.
6. SEO Marketing
As a small business owner, you can’t afford not to utilize SEO in your marketing plan because a well-executed SEO strategy will increase your site’s organic traffic and position you better on search engine platforms. Keyword research is important to your SEO strategy, and it is important that you know the phrases and words your target audience is using to enable you to include them on your page.
You can also make use of link-building strategies as a way to boost your ranking but ensure you don’t do anything that might cause your business more harm than good. For example, optimizing your landing page or website does a great deal for your SEO strategy, and it includes everything from site load speed to schema markups, title tags, and keyword density. Plus, without good on-page optimization, your strategy will not deliver results.
7. Using Promotional Tools
There are many free promotional tools and techniques you can use – one of which is coupons and incentives to get customers. Everyone loves a good discount, and they help bring customers to your doorstep. You can start content on social media or develop a frequent customer reward program for your existing customers. You can also make use of coupon deal sites to promote your business and offer prospective customers limited-time discounts on your products.
8. Utilize Speaking Engagements
Nothing says you are a force to be reckoned with, like having a strong reputation in your industry. You can reach out to local organizations that host regular conferences to score speaking engagements. You can also share our knowledge via webinars or YouTube tutorials. You can use your webinars as a lead magnet for email marketing as the right content can drive a large number of new leads daily. With the development of Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse, and Instagram Live, sharing your knowledge with your audience has never been so easy.
9. Existing Customers
Your existing customers are just as if not more important as your prospective customers, and it is important that you continuously market to them. Identifying the opportunities for upselling and cross-selling is important as it can help increase the growth of your business. Plus, if you give your existing customers a good buying experience, they are more likely to spread the word about your business to others.
10. Traditional Advertising
Despite the widespread adoption of digital offerings across the world, traditional advertising methods cannot be overstated. You can still utilize print media in your marketing strategies, but it is important that you combine it with other online marketing strategies for optimum results.
Wrapping It Up
There are multiple ways you can market your business, but it is critical that you use essential strategies. You should also continuously evaluate how your marketing strategies are doing overtime to determine which yields the best results and the ones that don’t.

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