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Syntax, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of the Syntax Stratified LargeCap ESG Index (Index Symbol: SYESG) on July 31, 2020. The Index seeks to provide broad coverage of large-cap U.S companies while tilting exposure towards the companies that outperform their peers on material ESG metrics. The Stratified LargeCap ESG Index applies Syntax’s innovative Stratified Weight methodology and patented Functional Information System (FIS) technology to control for business risk and identify material ESG metrics.

“This index is proof that Syntax’s business risk analytics can add value in ESG,” says Syntax CEO Rory Riggs. “Paired with Stratified Weight, these can be powerful tools for investors to improve the risk and return profile of their passive ESG allocation.”

By bringing the Index to market, Syntax seeks to provide institutional-quality ESG integration in a passive vehicle. Says managing partner and founder of ETFGI, Deborah Fuhr, “Syntax is known for its innovative and expansive business risk database and they have thoughtfully applied this data to create a truly differentiated approach to passive ESG.”

The index also provides a transparent and rules-based solution for passive ESG. Syntax’s ESG scoring system combines well-established, transparent materiality frameworks like SASB with Syntax’s ESG scoring methodology based on its business risk database. “Long-term investors, such as pensions and sovereign funds, are in desperate need of transparent and accessible ESG solutions that they can easily understand, explain and then scale,” says Dr. Ashby Monk, Executive Director of the Global Projects Center at Stanford University. “Syntax’s ESG Index is a groundbreaking strategy that builds on a ‘glass box’ technology solution that collects and transforms alternative-data about businesses in order to deliver a more aligned and responsible investment product than I’ve seen anywhere in my research. We need more of this in the market!”

The Stratified LargeCap ESG index follows the Syntax Social Core Indices that launched in December 2015, providing multiple Stratified Weight options for responsible investing.

In the development and distribution of the Index, Syntax is pleased to be working with S-Network Global Indexes as a calculating agent, as well as ISS ESG and Bloomberg, industry leaders in comprehensive, accurate, and transparent ESG data.

The Syntax Stratified ESG Index is a product of Syntax Indices, a division of Syntax, LLC.

Syntax, LLC is an index provider and financial analytics company based in New York. Syntax’s mission is to build innovative, transparent financial products and technologies that meet the investment objectives of a broad range of clients. Syntax offers a suite of Stratified Benchmark Indices that reweight the most widely-used benchmarks, including the S&P 500, S&P 400, and MSCI EAFE using the Stratified Weight methodology. Syntax also provides Stratified Sector Indices, Stratified Thematic Indices, custom index solutions, Affinity™ portfolio analysis and data suite, and responsible investing analytics.

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