Starting your Nevada business: Hiring a lawyer and accountant

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Employing an accountant and retaining legal counsel are two important, but often overlooked, tasks that ensure your new business is running smoothly and free of expensive legal and financial missteps. Let’s take a look at some important points to consider when hiring a lawyer and accountant for your small business.

Hiring a lawyer

Avoiding future legal roadblocks by hiring a lawyer at the start of your business is a great way to save yourself money and headaches.

There are many situations where your business will need the assistance of a lawyer, such as drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts, as well as securing intellectual property rights. If you are in the startup phase, you will likely need a lawyer for the formation of your business, patents, trademarks and contracts. If you are an existing business, you may need a lawyer for potential lawsuits, hiring and firing, as well as debt collections.