Starting a business in the middle of the Coronavirus surge

(WBKO) – Starting a business is difficult, but imagine trying to start one in the…

(WBKO) – Starting a business is difficult, but imagine trying to start one in the middle of a pandemic.

Kelly Baxter of Kelly Korn & Kandy Shop in Franklin spoke on what she was told when the thought of starting a business came to be.

“I’ve had several people ask me about starting this business in a pandemic. And I’ve had a couple of people say, you know, this is not good timing for you. I wanted to open something here in Franklin, that the parents would not only appreciate but something that the kids would enjoy also.”

Baxter and the owners of The Knotty Pretzel in Bowling Green decided to take a leap of faith and start their businesses despite the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Well, on our very first day, when we started, you know, our pastor came over and he prayed with us, and we just kind of went out on a leap of faith, we, I had wanted to do this for a long time. And it just, I don’t know, the time seemed right, for some reason,” said Baxter.

Chelsea Adams owner of The Knotty Pretzel says, “I was very nervous going, Okay, is this really smart for us to do something in a pandemic, but we also embraced that we had a lot more time, and the life’s too short, and why not just try it.”

Matthew Shadwick also the owner of The Knotty Pretzel adds, “the whole time we’ve been doing this, we’ve been asking our friends and family what they think about this, they sample anything that we’re trying to put together, and just getting feedback to make sure that it tastes well, if this means people are liking it, well, hopefully, as a group, everyone else will like it.”

Baxter sends out words of encouragement to those who may also be considering starting a business.

“If it’s the right time, and everything seems to be working, you know, in that direction to go ahead and step out on a leap of faith,” says Baxter.

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