St. Louis teen wins funding for business that helps underserved women

ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis teen recently won $5,000 to fund her business that…

ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis teen recently won $5,000 to fund her business that provides opportunities for immigrant and underserved women.

Elise Zeigler, 17, was recognized out of 25 people in a national program for her business “Selah Textiles,” according to a press release.

Prudential Emerging Visionaries recognizes young people ages 14-18 whose fresh perspectives and innovative solutions address the pressing financial and societal challenges in their communities.”

Zeigler’s textile business offers women immigrants, refugees, and underserved individuals opportunities to design and print towels, tote bags, and greeting cards with profits going to local organizations that serve immigrant populations.

“Elise wants the project to be an introduction to business management for the participants. The organization currently employs 11 women from six countries, and Elise is hoping to pass on leadership of the organization to one of these employees once the project has become self-sustaining,” the press release states.

In addition to $5,000, Zeigler is invited to an awards summer in April that includes skill development workshops, coaching sessions, networking opportunities, and special recognition events.

Select winners can participate in a pitch-off contest for the chance to win an extra $10,000 in funding, and Prudential employees will name an Employees’ Choice Award winner that also comes with an extra $5,000.