Promote local businesses with self-serve ads

Back in the early days of radio advertising, a 30-second spot was a serious status…

Back in the early days of radio advertising, a 30-second spot was a serious status symbol. Production required hiring a creative agency and using expensive equipment, meaning this type of ad was typically reserved for big brands with deep pockets.

But today, there’s an alternative that delivers the benefits of radio advertising without all that complexity and expense. Self-serve digital audio ads on Spotify give brands of all sizes access to everything they need to create an effective campaign, from professional recording and mixing equipment to background music and voiceover actors. Now, audio advertising isn’t just a big brand’s game — even small businesses on a budget can manage audio campaigns in a bunch of engaging formats.

Here are four ways digital audio ads — and Spotify’s self-serve ad manager, Spotify Ad Studio — can help your brand create a killer campaign from scratch.

1. Use podcast ads to reach engaged listeners

Does it seem like everyone from your next-door neighbor to your chatty coworker has a podcast these days? You’re not imagining things. As a medium, podcasts are growing fast. Last year, more than 117 million Americans listened to podcasts at least once a month.1

So, why the popularity? For one thing, podcasts feel like an intimate form of media in a world of detached, screen-based experiences. For some people, engaging with a podcast feels like a conversation — like a personal relationship between the listener and the host.

Since podcast ads are seamlessly woven into podcast content, brands can benefit from that sense of closeness, too. Not to mention, Spotify’s podcast advertising network is extensive, with millions of monthly active listeners.

What’s more, the right context fuels great ad experiences for listeners. You can make your audio ads even more memorable by designing them to enhance rather than interrupt the moment. According to our research, 59% of Spotify Free users pay more attention to advertising on Spotify than they do to ads on the radio,2 and 51% say they pay more attention to ads on Spotify specifically because they’re more relevant and tailored.3