Lubbock business owners struggling after nearly $5,000 stolen from accounts after fraudulent charges | KLBK | KAMC

LUBBOCK, Texas — Bob and Melissa Clark call owning the Plain Jane’s Fried Pies shop…

LUBBOCK, Texas — Bob and Melissa Clark call owning the Plain Jane’s Fried Pies shop on 98th and Indiana a dream — one that began on a foldable table in a farmer’s market, and is now its own store. But after a series of fraudulent charges drained their account on Monday, they are unsure how long the dream will last.

“They made several transactions within four minutes and completely wiped out our bank account,” co-owner Bob Clark said.

Melissa, the mastermind behind their pies’ original recipes, said the loss was tragic to the shop.

“We have to come up with the rent by the 1st, and the rent on the electric and the gas, and that was all in the account. And this person wiped it out,” co-owner Melissa Clark said.

All the money was charged to another local business, LiteTech Landscaping and Construction. Police are still searching for the person responsible, and the shop is struggling to get the money back. Their bank told them it could take over 60 days, if ever.

Since the couple shared the news, multiple local businesses have stepped up to help.

All American Eatery 2, 1902 34th Street, said it would split its profits 50-50 Friday in support of Plain Jane’s Fried Pies. The business owners said they are looking for everyone to come out and support them to help another local business.

The High Plains Wine and Food Foundation is also offering to give away three $50 Plain Jane’s gift cards to lucky people who buy a pie before Feb. 14.

Melissa also said the shop’s few employees have offered to work for free to keep their business alive. Yet, she vowed to pay everyone as soon as the shop is back on its feet.

The Clarks are grateful for the support the community has given them already and said the best way to help them through this hard time is to come out and buy a pie.

“I would never ask for money, but people are offering to send money to pay our rent because this could break us,” Melissa said. “We’re going to do everything we can. We’re just going to work, work, work because that’s all we know. We’ll figure it out.”