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When you initiate a conversation with new friends or acquaintances, you do so because you want them to learn more about you. To lift the veil on the personality of the stranger and avoid ramifications of a relationship with a person who does not get you. This gambit can be skillfully interwoven with brand marketing. Using communication as a tactic is expedient for successfully marketing your brand. So texting, talking, posting, and using means to connect with your customers can be coupled with the conventional means of marketing. However, technological advances and digital media these days are an essential element of doing business and should be factored in as well.

Related to this topic is how twitter managed to rack up popularity so quickly, especially when it is not a groundbreaking platform. Most people characterize this platform as quite frivolous and levity, but this is not and can not be the only reason why people flock to it. Twitter as most of the social media platforms can be versatile. It can be used for multiple purposes, but here we will focus on the role of Twitter in marketing. The fact that users of Twitter are limited in the number of characters while posting makes tweets more creative and requires more thinking than on any other platform. What it all boils down to is that Twitter is simple as it is riveting. So, if your brand marketing has been descending recently, you can try to tweak your strategy with the help of Twitter.

What can you tweet?

The two most important benefits you can receive from social media platforms are:

  • Connect with your consumers
  • Receive Feedback

You can ask questions on Twitter, organize and conduct polls, and get to know your users better this way. Generation Z preferstexting over talking on the phone and multiple social media platforms give them the ability to satisfy their needs and requests without talking to someone in person. It is so simple these days to submit a request to the social media page of the brand the consumer is interested in. Hence, Twitter can be used for supporting users and addressing various questions they might have about your product. Another crucial activity you can use Twitter for is promoting your brand. However, keep in mind that Twitter is there to help you connect with your customers and if you solely focus on promotion and advertisement, it might hurt your brand instead of profiting. Last but not least, use social media platforms to receive feedback. Developing and growing your business with the help of your customers’ feedback is the best strategy you can acquire.

Dos and Don’ts

The fact that Twitter requires brevity can be the greatest advantage and disadvantage of this platform simultaneously. The most important factor in your tweets is the opening line. If your first sentence is not easily readable, then there is a high chance you will lose readers until they reach the end of the tweet. Tweets made abbreviations and shortened forms of words very popular. It all depends on the content of your brand and the product you are advertising but, you should keep in mind that in most cases shortened forms are unprofessional. Also, do not confuse acronyms with grammatical errors. Correct grammar is vital no matter whether you tweet or write a story caption on Instagram. You can feel free to use humor in your tweets and make them silly and funny at a certain level, this will make your tweets more personal and relatable. However, the content of your tweets should be valuable. No matter how good your humor is, try to get to the point as fast as possible. Besides, doing a keyword search before you tweet can increase the popularity of it. Using frequently searched keywords and hashtags will contribute to high numbers of viewers and increase the reachability of the post.

The Twitter account of your brand should mainly focus on representing the image of the brand in the best possible way, but without spamming people off. If you only post promotional content, you will start losing followers. Hence, try to enrich the types of activities you are engaged in on Twitter. Follow back people who are in the same business as you and who might receive value from your tweets. It will increase the awareness of your brand name and give you a free, harmless opportunity to sneak a peek into the product marketing of similar companies. It takes time to gain followers, the brands which have millions of followers did not reach such astrological high numbers overnight. Every brand starts at a sustainable pace. Buying Twitter followers on websites like Socialwick is the most renowned way of achieving popularity for big brands on Twitter. Competing against giants in your field that have a more generous budget than you is stressful, especially for the newcomers. Hence, if you get a chance to make your journey more successful in a shorter period of time with a little effort, why should you not take that chance?


Visiting the brand’s page and seeing that it has not been updated for months and there is no new content on it gives the vibe that this brand does not care about its consumers. Hence, it is extremely important that you tweet often and keep your brand page active and up to date. However, posting for the purpose of being active is not the right thing to do. The quality of your content is more important. By visiting homepage of that website, You would see marking details visit there.!

Original and interesting posts are what will bring your followers instead of frequent tweeting about irrelevant things. In order to make your content more captivating, you can research big brands and apply similar tactics to your marketing strategy. Nevertheless, keep in mind that being original will pay off more than imitating someone’s work.

Plan in advance

In order for your brand marketing campaign to be successful on Twitter, you can make plans about what steps to take and how to take them:

  • Keeping the right balance is vital. Plan a strategy to organize when you will post promotional content and what content you will offer to your followers’ in-between promotions. The balance between your tweets can be a game-changer for the popularity of your page.
  • Your Twitter page represents your brand. Investing time and energy in improving your Twitter page is not a waste of time. If anything, it is the opposite of that because a visually pleasant twitter page is a sunk cost, you have to take it if you care about the image of your brand. The main elements you have to consider while building the page are:
  • Header Photo – it is desirable to have an official photo of your brand with the logo and motto on it as a header photo
  • Avatar- The logo of the brand or the picture you consider best represents your brand can be your page avatar. However, it should be an official picture of your brand or the logo designed by a graphical designer or an artist, and not a random google pic.
  • Bio – short description of your brand, its history, and the purpose it serves. Few words about the service your brand offers will be enough for your consumers to form an opinion about your content, and the rest can be narrated by your tweets.
  • Location – where is your office-based or which areas your brand covers.

3. Invest time in follower strategy. Careful consideration is required to decide whom to follow and why these people are relevant for your content or why you will be relevant for them. Hence, you need to have a well-defined plan before you press the follow button.

4. Don’t be ashamed to reach out for help. Asking questions to your community or your competitors is more acceptable than you might think. If you have technical questions or are just looking for a piece of advice about the location of the event or the desirable dates for announcing discounts, you can reach your audience for help.

5. Embrace others. Healthy competition is necessary for brands to not lose motivation for developing, but so is complimenting each other for some major achievements. This kind of activity will contribute to representing your brand image in a positive light. Your competitors and consumers both will appreciate such gestures. The same rules apply to when you quote someone or post someone’s ideas, you should give them credit for it.


Using social media platforms is beneficial for your business in many ways. However, Twitter has certain advantages that are unique to this platform only. It gives a great sense of connection and closeness between a customer and the brand. By tweeting you can represent the personality and the character of your brand and the people standing behind it. It’s much easier for your followers to reach you by commenting on your tweets and responding to the promotions and advertisements your brand has to offer. By regularly monitoring what people are saying about your brand and your product, you have a finger on the pulse of your followers. You can realize quickly what products your customers like or dislike and make prompt decisions about further steps. Hence, Twitter is not only useful for marketing your brand but also for connecting with people and receiving feedback on your work.

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