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4D Marketing & Business Solutions Firm Corp. offers a variety of business services. It is a “one stop business shop” for a multitude of business needs. Its professional alignment of authority of services, products, expertise and universal scope provides its customers with quality, results and worldwide experiences. 4D has fast become a global leader in supporting its customers in marketing, business services, insurance services, group health benefits, medicare services, domains, marketing agency, websites, legal services, wealth and financial management and privacy protection.

The company was started in 2007 and has grown substantially worldwide. The team’s passion for helping its customers to create, maintain and grow their business is key to the 4D business model. 4D is a marketing consulting company that provides services to help empower individuals and companies to thrive using their highest potential.


Abacus Wealth, headquartered in Santa Monica, is a $3.7 billion AUM registered investment advisor with more than 50 advisors serving 32 states. More importantly, Abacus is a Certified B (Beneficial) Corporation, meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. The company is helping to accelerate a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.  
For more than a decade, Abacus has been a leading investor in private companies focused on financial and social results. The firm was one of the first SEC registered investment advisors to make equity investments in microfinance institutions that make very small loans to impoverished but ambitious micro-entrepreneurs. Abacus has helped millions of people fund businesses to help alleviate the poverty they and their families have lived in for generations.


The Agency, a real estate brokerage headquartered in Beverly Hills, was founded in 2011, and in just under a decade, it has rapidly expanded with over 41 offices in the US, Canada, Caribbean, and Mexico. The Agency was founded on a core philosophy of collaboration and its deeply rooted culture is key to The Agency’s success. To date, The Agency has sold more than $25 billion of real estate with further business milestones and expansion on the horizon.

The Agency is recognized as a true leader in the luxury real estate industry and continues to grow its reach across the globe in international locations that include Alberta, Baja California, British Columbia, Calgary, The Caribbean, Ontario, Riviera Maya, Riviera Nayarit, Toronto, with Europe and further expansion in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean on the horizon. Additionally, The Agency assists international developers in all aspects of a development lifecycle via The Agency Development Group. 

Since 1989, Art Lewin Bespoke has catered to the world’s most prominent names in business as well as some of the most famous stars in Hollywood. The company plans, coordinates, and maintains its customers’ wardrobes so that they you are perfectly attired for any occasion. Art Lewin Bespoke is Southern California’s most trusted custom clothiers because of its own in-house, impeccable and highly reliable  bespoke tailors.
All Art Lewin Bespoke suits are handmade in the company’s shop in order to maintain the highest quality. When customers want custom-tailored garments, they want it to be well-made and to have its own individuality. All of our Art Lewin’s custom suits are hand cut and handmade, right down to the boutonniere and coat button holes, by the company’s own skilled tailors. Other than reinforcing the seams (which requires tight machine stitching), the suits are completely created by hand.


A501(c)3 nonprofit organization, BantuFest has globally promoted cultures through creative and performing arts, recorded a Freedom anthem song to unite people, has initiated the Princess Nakabiri Women & Children Hospital in East Africa where many women die while giving birth, and other initiatives to support those in need around the world. Bantufest held its annual cultural events regardless of the challenges during the COVID-19 period.
BantuFest’s mission is to cultivate a society of acceptance, growth and development brought about by kindness and the unity born from it. The organization  believes in the power of lending a hand – because changing a world often starts with changing a life. This is the world the founders hope to achieve as the BantuFest Organization, one smile at a time.


The Bellasonic Advanced Nail Grooming System is a four-in-one, rechargeable, electric nail file with a patented oscillating head and four multi-purpose discs for shaping, smoothing, buffing, and shining. Everything one needs for healthy-looking, gorgeous nails is included in the kit.  
Bellasonic is a solutions-based concept. It may feel close to impossible to get the perfect at-home mani because most have a dominant hand. Or maybe there are dexterity issues such as arthritis. The patented oscillating motion discs move back and forth to reduce friction, heat and damage compared to traditional rotary files that spin rapidly in one direction. The nail wand was designed with comfort in mind and to offer maximum mobility. It’s like having a pro in the palm of your hand – anywhere in the world. 


Cadence Translate has its global HQ in Los Angeles and, by definition, every one of its clients is focused on international business. The company mission statement is “Empower the world to talk business, anywhere.”

Cadence delivers on that mission by being a language services company exclusively focused on the investment and consulting industries. LA-based capital markets firms such as Capital Group use Cadence as part of their due diligence when investing abroad. Overseas PE firms and hedge funds use Cadence when investing in LA-area public companies. Cadence hires locally and also hires international students. The company is also focused on doing pro-bono work. When anti-Asian & Pacific Islander sentiment increased earlier this year, Cadence immediately offered its services free of charge to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in LA, who utilized Cadence’s services to help the LAPD distribute pamphlets on reporting hate crimes.


The global apparel industry emphatically contributes to world trade in many ways. The “cultural exports” from the Los Angeles region are embraced throughout the world, yet the dollar value of style cannot be counted as an export to be shipped in containers.  At the same time, it should be noted that more than 80% of the approximately $36 billion dollars of wholesale product shipped from California is sourced globally.

Since its inception in 1995, the CFA has worked with dozens of international groups, including Consulates and trade corporations to facilitate sourcing opportunities and relationships. The mission of the California Fashion Association is to help prepare global industry groups for the vast changes taking place in the U.S. retail environment. As the fashion industry liaison, the CFA connects international groups to industry events and helps to develop strategic relationships where needed.


As one of the largest real estate services firms, Cushman & Wakefield is committed to making a meaningful impact for its people, clients, shareholders, vendors and supplier, communities and world around us. Cushman & Wakefield’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report outlines its progress and efforts across key areas of ESG.

Some of the 2020 CSR highlights include the facts that Cushman & Wakefield committed $5 million to support employees impacted by COVID-19, with more than 5,000 grants distributed in over 20 countries as of June 2021 through the firm’s Global Employee Assistance Fund. It also produced more than 2,800 research reports and insights, including thought leadership on COVID-19 recovery readiness. Cushman & Wakefield also welcomed its first chief diversity, equity & inclusion officer, Nadine Augusta; and as of this writing, 92% of its employees have completed Global Code of Business Conduct training.


The Deal Team provides management teams with a full-time consultant who is entirely focused on transaction execution, backed up by the bench depth and collaboration of The Deal Team’s entire team. The process includes The Deal Team working in-house to oversee key deliverables and act as an informed conduit to streamline communications. Clients get hands-on, round the clock support to de-risk execution of their deals and give them back their time.

Each consultant provided to customers by The Deal Team helps customer organizations prepare earlier on. This ensures stakeholder alignment on key transaction messages and post-transaction goals, and mitigates the risk of surprises further down the line. The Deal Team helps set up the internal infrastructure and processes required not only for the deal but also for post-closing delivery, so clients are set up for success even after the transaction closes.


DISQO was founded on the belief that sustainable growth is achieved through a transparent, measurable exchange. Implemented throughout the entire organization, leaders, collaborators, and colleagues believe in clearly communicating ideas, in order to iterate faster and more confidently.
The co-founders’ unwavering commitment to unparalleled data quality and first-party relationships with consumers has allowed them to build the industry’s first identity-based behavioral ad measurement solution. Companies are now able to gain insight into the entire digital path to purchase, closing the gap between consumer attitudes and behaviors and measuring true brand lift. As DISQO continues to grow its toolkit of solutions, offering wider access to its first-party platform and behavioral capabilities, it holds its values close. The organization is inspired by its vision to build a world where businesses value people for expressing their individuality and points of view.


Michelle Diamond of Elevate Diamond Strategy has helped 65 companies at all growth stages ranging from startup, early/growth stage, small to middle market, private equity/venture capital, to Fortune 50 in more than 31 industries grow and expand faster and more profitably than they could on their own. Elevate Diamond Strategy develops and executes holistic strategies and plans and advises CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives, when they need a ‘second set of eyes’ and an unbiased solution to win against competitors, solve their growth problems, and achieve their growth goals.

Regardless of the size of each client’s global footprint, Elevate begins with the end in mind, is results-oriented, and has a “get it done” mentality. 


Eravant is an award-winning engineering firm known for changing the millimeterwave components market through standardization and borrowed practices of scale. Heavy investment in product development continues to deliver first-to-market designs that enable customers working across all millimeter-wave applications.
With one of the broadest product offerings in the industry, Eravant designs and manufactures active and passive components from 18-330 GHz for commercial, test, and military applications. As an organization with engineering at its center, Eravant invests heavily in R&D of new technology that is practical and elegant. Engineers use the latest tools and resources to create custom and novel solutions at an unmatched commercial pace. The Uni-Guide, Proxi-Flange and Wave-Glide Rail System are trademarked and patent-pending innovations that will revolutionize the RF industry. Eravant is woman-owned, U.S.-owned, and ITAR-registered.

For over 30 years, Garcoa Laboratories has been providing exceptional personal care products that reflect the company’s continued commitment to quality, value and service.  These core values have earned Garcoa a reputation as an industry leader, whose specialty is to create programs that are trending and exclusive. At Garcoa’s state-of-the-art-facilities, located in the U.S. and Canada, the company brings to market products that combine the power of nature’s most unique gifts with the latest advances in science and technology. Garcoa’s team scouts the world in search of the most cutting edge ingredients.  

International in scope, Garcoa owns and operates a facility in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. It also engages in a significant amount of business outside of the United States. The organization has built a robust supply chain that leverages suppliers all throughout the world. Garcoa also actively sells to retailers and brands located throughout the world.


Golden Star Technology (GST) is a woman-owned business that helps its clients stay ahead of the technology curve, connecting them to advanced end-to-end IT and AV solutions and services tailored to meet their needs. GST’s global expertise inspires confidence and creates lasting relationships. Founded in 1985, GST has grown by offering the widest breadth of products, custom-tailored solutions, and exceptional customer service across industry-leading and visionary technologies. As a leading technology integrator, GST works with key industry manufacturers to provide customers with comprehensive and creative solutions that include the latest technologies, products, and design methodologies.

For over 36 years, GST has continued to expand its business operations across the US and in 28 countries. GST has a branch office in Taipei, Taiwan and is in the process of establishing a local office in Bangalore, India. 


A Malibu-lifestyle brand, Green Gorilla is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives every day. In all aspects, Green Gorilla is a true, organic wellness brand, concerned with the environment as much as individual health. The brand employs eco-friendly agricultural practices that contribute to the biodiversity of the (once-barren) land they operate on, as well as regenerative growing techniques that protect the environment, public health, local communities, and animal welfare.

Sustainability is key – Green Gorilla conserves water by using a natural aquifer with holding ponds and utilizing nutrient-rich organic soil that retains rainfall, reducing the need to water the plants manually. Green Gorilla takes the “green” in its name seriously as well. Their farms have helped foster a sustainable ecosystem, and they remain committed to delivering on their promise to be a positive force for environmental change on a global level.  


HIRECLOUT takes pride in providing great opportunities for candidates and clients, as well as communities. The organization has hired many whom it considers to be “some of the smartest people in the world,” providing them with higher wages, a career path and opportunities for non-stop learning. What began as a small experiment became a flourishing international team and an integral part of the company. The international team is comprised of teammates in Armenia, India, and Colombia and they bring their enthusiasm and fresh perspectives to the company’s culture and business strategies. As HIRECLOUT continues to scale, there are plans to boost the teams, both internationally and stateside. Employees have great benefits and work-from-home options which are crucial during the challenges of the COVID pandemic.  HIRECLOUT values community improvement initiatives such as Adopt-a-Village, Armenia, with more projects on the horizon.


Levine Leichtman Capital Partners (LLCP) is an established middle market private equity firm with nearly four decades of successful U.S. and European Structured Private Equity investing. The firm has a global presence with additional offices in New York, Chicago, Charlotte and Miami in the U.S. and London, The Hague and Stockholm in Europe. The team currently consists of 76 employees, including 41 dedicated investment professionals.

Originally founded in Beverly Hills nearly 40 years ago, LLCP has grown significantly in almost four decades and totals 75 professional today, with its headquarters and majority of its employees here in Los Angeles.  LLCP has invested in many Los Angeles and California based private, entrepreneurially-led companies, providing capital and strategic guidance to help these companies grow.  LLCP is also grateful for the support of its global limited partners, many of whom are also LA-based.


MINTIE LLC is a third generation, Los Angeles County based company that has been doing business since 1940. MINTIE has created thousands of LAC  based jobs via developing the Environmental Containment Unit (ECU4) and other innovated healthcare related products.

Currently over 1500 of the MINTIE ECU4 units have deployed in Japan, since January 2021, to provide temporary airborne isolation support, in over 400 healthcare facilities, as part of Japan’s effort to control the spread of COVID. The MINTIE ECU4 units also played a critical role, during the Tokyo Summer Olympics, supporting 20 Olympic designated healthcare facilities with additional airborne isolation capabilities. MINTIE currently works with distribution channels, in addition to Japan, in South Korea, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and other countries. In the USA, MINTIE products are utilized in all 50 states.


ModiHealth is a health company with proprietary technology that increases positive outcomes and the quality of users’ health and wellbeing. The ModiHealth virtual platform connects users seeking holistic care with providers who understand the importance of prevention and treatment.  Additionally, ModiHealth’s delivery models and content within the ModiHealth whole person concierge health memberships and wellness streaming service subscriptions provide the daily guidance, tools and support needed to optimize health, including customized health plans, education, content and a way to connect with providers.
ModiHealth’s virtual care platform connects not only doctors to users but also connects users with services that were traditionally difficult to find, such as dietitians, health coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists and much more.  


Moose Toys include popular collectibles, crafts, dolls, games and youth electronics categories. Moose shook up the industry with Mighty Beanz and Shopkins – global hits of major proportions. These tiny little characters have made kids happy all over the world and changed the way they think about playing. Not satisfied to stop at toys, Moose has also stretched into creating content, entertainment and developing worldwide licensing deals. The company’s head office is in Melbourne, Australia with teams in Los Angeles, UK, France, Germany, China, and Hong Kong.

Moose Toys is not only a major player in the toy industry bringing innovation and creativity to the industry but its mission of “making children happy” is carried out through various charitable contributions and partnerships with non-profit organizations across the world.


Network Solutions Provider is a technology service and solutions company and a leader in business and technology optimization. The company empowers businesses, governments, and communities to solve their toughest challenges. Network Solutions Provider also empowers the leading innovative transformations. Market shifts and technology trends demand fresh thinking. Network Solutions Provider helps clients capitalize on trends and anticipate what’s ahead.

At any given time, Network Solutions Provider works with 10 to 15 international companies on IT innovation, cybersecurity, and next-gen solutions. Regular projects include work in Romania, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Tel Aviv working with tech companies in the start-up mode or in expansion to the USA. With a mission to unlock customer businesses’ potential by providing world-class technologies, Network Solutions provider is making a global impact. 


Founded in 2018, NMS Consulting is a global management consulting and strategic advisory firm that specializes in delivering services to a global client base of private and public companies, government agencies, philanthropic organizations and the individuals who lead them. With a global footprint of fifteen offices located through the United States, Asia, Europe and the Middle East staffed with more than 250 seasoned professionals, NMS’ clients benefit from a combination of the team’s diverse skills, expertise and global organization offering a unique multi-disciplinary 360° solutions platform.  

Unlike other leading management consulting firms, NMS Consulting provides its clients the experience of working with a “big firm consultancy” without the higher premium.  Client projects are staffed with qualified professionals who have trained at many of the leading global consultancy firms.


North American Fuel Corporation (NAFCO) is one of the largest Jet Fuel suppliers at LAX airport. NAFCO also supplies jet fuel at multiple international airports including JFK and ANC. NAFCO has been providing excellent support to all its clients without any disruptions. During the pandemic, there has been historic oil price fluctuation and steep decline in demand.  However, NAFCO overcame formidable obstacles and provided steady fuel supply to all our contracted airlines.  NAFCO believes it is the top priority to maintain a stable fuel supply and ensure the normal operation of the air traffic.

As one of the major local jet fuel importers, NAFCO had imported more than 60 cargoes from Asia to US west coast since 2015. NAFCO also plays an important role in stimulating the local economy. During this difficult period, NAFCO has managed to retain all its employees.


As the leaders in at-home, microcurrent devices and Ionized Skincare, NuFACE helps clients around the globe turn on toned, lifted, and contoured skin whenever, wherever. This past year was a true turning point for NuFACE, with the innovative development of its all-new Ionized Skincare line. With its proprietary blend IonPlex, clients can now supercharge their skin to the next level. NuFACE’s Hydrating Aqua Gel and Firming + Brightening Silk helps conduct the microcurrent from its device and carries it down the muscles where it is most needed, while its clean, concentrated ingredients lock in moisture for up to 48 hours.
NuFACE has discovered that its clients crave more from NuFACE than just devices and aims to deliver. With the development of its Ionized Skincare line, NuFACE is making it cool to geek out about what makes good skincare so great, emphasizing the science behind the results each client wants. 


Orca Security was co-founded by cybersecurity expert, Los Angeles resident and Unit 8200 veteran (the elite intelligence unit of the Israel Defense Forces), Avi Shua. In founding Orca Security, Shua and team were tackling a fundamental cloud security problem – organizations could not gain 100 percent public cloud security coverage to discover and manage all assets, vulnerabilities, and risks without deploying agents or network scanners. Even if they did use these tools that were not built for the cloud, deployments often took months, interrupted business operations and still only provided limited visibility.

Along with his co-founders, Shua has now built one of the fastest cybersecurity companies to reach unicorn status in only two years. Since its founding in 2019, the company has raised over $300 million and piqued the interest of top chief information and security officers (CISOs) across the tech industry.


As one of the nation’s fastest-growing firms offering a full range of assurance, tax, advisory, accounting, and international services, Prager Metis has been helping its clients’ manage their worth for over 100 years.

Prager Metis is a top international firm with over 100 partners and principals, more than 600 team members, and 23 offices worldwide including New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, North Carolina, London, UK, and Chennai, India. Clients come to Prager Metis for the expert advice that protects and grows the value of their world – whether that world is local or extends across international markets. Whether clients are looking for an external review, business management, input on a new business strategy, expert testimony in hearings or trials, or cost segregation studies, Prager Metis can help. The firm’s reliable insight makes it possible to provide advanced advisory services the way only genuine experts can.


Qless specializes in queue management and appointment scheduling software. Designed to help organizations seamlessly manage customer flow, our intuitive mobile wait experience combines personalization, automation, analytics, and flexibility to empower customers to wait when, where, and how they want. In light of COVID-19, organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver a superior customer experience while ensuring community safety but are often constrained by archaic processes and outdated technology.
With Qless’ cloud-based systems, organizations are able to deliver solutions that allow their customers to spend less time in line while simultaneously increasing operational efficiencies and staff productivity. Not only is Qless helping businesses operate at a more efficient level, it is also giving people their time back.


QualityWorks Consulting Group is a team of social impact developers who leverage technical talent to support changemakers and non-profit organizations. In the fall and winter of 2020, the company launched a free software testing bootcamp to help talent from underrepresented communities, and professionals who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic, match their technical skills to high-paying, high-demand software testing jobs.

Internationally, QualityWorks has worked with five of the leading banks in the Caribbean including NCB, JMMB, Sagicor, First Global, and VMBS. Earlier this year, they led the digital transformation effort for Jamaica’s Victoria Mutual Building Society’s first online mortgage application platform. Through their shared agile coaching and development services, they delivered two applications in less than eight months. 


For companies based outside the United States and in need of legal assistance with existing U.S. affiliates, or venturing to enter the U.S. market, Scali Rasmussen is ready to assist. With a team of seasoned attorneys, the firm’s International practice regularly advises individuals and companies from abroad in nearly all legal matters they face in the U.S. The firm’s roots are worldwide, and several of its lawyers are bilingual, multilingual, and/or multicultural. Its comprehensive approach allows clients to respond to changing times and address their needs in the U.S.

Scali Rasmussen’s international representations include mergers and acquisitions, commercial transactions, intellectual property, corporate governance, financing, litigation and dispute resolution, antitrust and competition law, labor and employment, construction, and environmental.  

After a year of exceptional global stress and turmoil dominated by COVID-19, Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. (S&SE), under the leadership of CEO Anoosheh Oskouian, was able to pivot quickly and tailor its solutions to people and regions in need. While calendar year 2020 sadly saw many businesses curtail or close operations, S&SE annual revenue remained consistent with 2019 levels. The company actually managed to expand its client roster.

In 2020, Ship & Shore launched a new product line utilizing technology which will help to disinfect surfaces as well as purify and deodorize air free from pathogens. The Korozon disinfection system utilizes a non-chemical disinfection and sterilization method. It can be used for large areas including airplane systems, large restaurants, hotels, casinos, theatres, etc. Care for disinfection of surfaces which are in frequent contact with passengers and travelers can decrease the risk of infection significantly.

Tala is an LA-headquartered global technology company on a mission to accelerate financial agency for all. The company’s first product is an Android app that offers instant credit and personalized financial education in Kenya, the Philippines, Mexico, and India. Most of Tala’s customers have little or no access to banks or other traditional financial institutions. Tala uses mobile technology and data science to make financial services simple, inclusive, and accessible. Tala has also used this technology to help people through economic hardship from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Since launching in 2014, Tala has disbursed over $2 billion in credit to more than six million customers, making Tala the largest non-bank lender in Kenya and the top digital lending app across our current markets. Tala’s loans, which range from $10 to $500, make the difference for thousands of customers every day all over the world.


The Vertical Collective has been actively engaged in global manufacturing and trade since 2015. The Vertical Collective has teams throughout the United States, Hong Kong, and Mainland China.  This international powerhouse has manufactured and traded over 50 million units of product in the past five years and imported thousands of containers per year.  With 8,943% revenue growth in three years, The Vertical Collective has demonstrated operational heft in global trade.  

In 2020, The Vertical Collective launched its Incubatorship Program which provides mentorships to early stage startups on how to navigate the intricacies of global development and manufacturing.  The company has recently taken an active role in healthcare innovation and has partnered with a lab in Israel to bring a proprietary medical compound that can instantly kill viruses into the U.S. market.  


Headquartered in Los Angeles, since 1983, WET (WET Design) has designed the world’s leading water entertainment experiences including the iconic Fountains at The Bellagio. The company’s innovative creations can be seen throughout Los Angeles, including at The Grove at Farmer’s Market; Fanfare at San Pedro Gateway at the Port of Los Angeles; the Waters of Americana at Brand in Glendale; Universal Citywalk; as well as throughout the United States.
Globally, WET has designed features in over 20 countries around the world, including in Europe, Asia and the Middle East with renowned features including the HSBC Rain Vortex, the tallest indoor waterfall at the Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore; the Dubai Fountain, the world’s largest performing fountain in the United Arab Emirates with a soon-to-be-launched large-scale immersive water entertainment feature aptly named “Surreal” in Dubai in October 2021; and the Performance Lake at Wynn Palace Cotai, Macau.

The World Trade Center – Los Angeles (WTCLA), a not-for-profit public benefit organization, is a vital resource dedicated to attracting foreign direct investment to the Los Angeles region and facilitating global business opportunities between Los Angeles and international companies. As a leading international trade association, trade service organization and trade resource in the Los Angeles region, WTCLA supports the development of international trade and business opportunities for Southern California companies.

To ensure that foreign companies are successful, WTCLA provides essential matchmaking and consulting services to connect the right business partners and service providers to international companies looking to grow their businesses in the Los Angeles region. WTCLA also works closely with the numerous export-related programs in the region to help local companies successfully export their products and services to the global market. Additionally, WTCLA actively partners with colleges and universities around the region to advocate for international business development.

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