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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “CBD Pouches in European and US Markets: Market Overview Report” report has been…

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “CBD Pouches in European and US Markets: Market Overview Report” report has been added to’s offering.

The report covers the study of regulatory and marketing peculiarities of 93 pouched products by 23 brands with claimed CBD content in the US and European markets.

The data for the analysis was collected from public and private sources in European countries and the USA at the end of November 2021. For the convenience of the analysis, the products have been divided into tobacco-free nicotine CBD pouches and tobacco-free non-nicotine pouches.

The report contains 7 sections, each devoted to a particular aspect of the abovementioned products

  • The first section contains a general overview of regulation applicable to CBD pouches in the USA and EU countries.
  • The second section provides the availability of CBD pouches across the countries mentioned above.
  • The third section provides flavor profiles analysis of CBD pouches within the targeted regions.
  • The fourth section analyzes CBD content in the CBD pouches products.
  • The fifth section presents price statistics and analytics for the highlighted category of CBD products collected at the end of November 2021.
  • The sixth section outlines target customer groups for CBD pouches as well as analyses socio-demographic and behavioristic characteristics of CBD pouches users.
  • The seventh section contains a brief overview of patents and technologies related to CBD pouches.

Key Topics Covered:




Scope of the Report

Executive Summary

1. General Regulation of CBD Pouches

1.1. Regulation of CBD Pouches in Europe

1.1.1. Regulation in the European Union

1.1.2. Regulation in Other European Countries

1.2. Regulation of CBD Pouches in the USA

2. Official Markets For CBD Pouches Brands Across the USA And European Markets

3. Flavor Prevalence Analysis of CBD Pouches

4. CBD Concentration Analysis

5. Price Policy Analysis of CBD Pouches

6. Target Customers Groups

7. Key Patents Related to CBD Pouches Products


Companies Mentioned

  • AG. EDEL
  • Boldt Runners Corp.
  • CanSnus Natural Products Inc.
  • Fedrs Sp.Z.o.o.
  • Flavour Labs Ltd.
  • GN Tobacco
  • Grenkem OU
  • Jake’s Mint Chew, LLC
  • Kordula UAB
  • Live Awesome LLC
  • Live Free Snuff
  • Nicopods EHF
  • Pocket Tea LLC
  • Poko Group Ltd
  • Pure Remedies CBD
  • Swedish Match North Europe AB
  • Symetricus Sp z o. O
  • TeaZa Energy, LLC
  • UAB N.G.P Empire Lithuania
  • Vilosophy UK Limited
  • Voon Innovation AB
  • Zoetic International plc

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