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College majors that earn the most money | Personal Finance

Choosing a college major is a big decision. Students must select to study something that challenges and interests them while balancing the hard realities of the job market and outlook of career paths. A good salary coming out of college is key to a secure middle class future, and with increasing student loan debts, choosing a major that yields bigger salaries out the gate becomes ever more desirable.  

To show just how valuable these college majors can be, Stacker used data from a 2020 PayScale report to rank the top 100 college majors that alumni make the most money from in their respective professional careers. The rankings, released in 2021, are based on the highest average mid-career salary. Information is provided about the jobs a major in that area might be hired for, which skills they’ll attain while in school, and what the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects their prospects are of finding a job upon graduation with a bachelor’s degree.

Stacker’s list of top 100 college majors that earn the most money is diverse, beginning with Japanese studies and ending with petroleum engineering. In between, computational and applied mathematics, aeronautics, building science, and mechatronics  top the ranks of college majors that earn the most money early to mid-career. Within the list, engineer-related college majors dominate, with petroleum engineering majors making the most mid-career pay at $182,000.

Keep reading to find out if your major made the list of college majors that earn the most money.

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