Business owners share secret to success during pandemic

JACKSON, Tenn. — Many businesses have struggled during the pandemic, but some local businesses have…

JACKSON, Tenn. — Many businesses have struggled during the pandemic, but some local businesses have been able to thrive.

What are their secrets to making it work during these challenging times?

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“We have to go all the way back, but you just had to decide like how you were going to survive and how you could meet the needs of your customers,” said Leah Daniel, the owner of LD2 Consignment.

Daniel says advertising her business online has helped tremendously during the pandemic.

“So many people are at home, and so they’re scrolling on social media and they’re on Instagram, Facebook,” Daniel said. “So I think that marketing to the people who are not at work and who are working from home, we reach a different target of people when we do that.”

Hattie’s owner, Marcy Simpson says she and her staff have focused strictly on making sure they meet their customer’s needs.

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“We have just really focused on customer service and so we just do whatever we can to make shopping easy for our customers, whether it’s curbside pickup, whether it’s shipping, whether it’s delivery,” Simpson said.

Both business owners were asked what one tip they have for business owners who have struggled throughout the pandemic.

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“I would give them the advice of consistency. I would tell them everything they do in advertising through social media, whether it’s TV, whatever it is, just make sure that you’re consistent and that you’re always available for your customer,” Simpson said.

“You just have to be strong and you have to make a decision when you open a business that failure is not an option. So you just have to hustle and you have to do whatever you have to do to make people come in, to get their attention and don’t give up,” Daniel said.

Both business owners stress the importance of differentiating yourself, advertising, consistency and building a relationship with your customers to keep them coming back.