Business Opportunities in Colombia for British and European Investors

– Colombia will showcase projects and companies to international investors during a new edition of…

Colombia will showcase projects and companies to international investors during a new edition of the Colombia Inside Out to be held online from June 22nd to June 24th 2021

LONDON, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Colombia Inside Out 2021 (CIO 2021) is a business platform and one of the largest and most recognised Colombian economic forum outside of Colombia. It is a significant milestone for celebrating investment and capital market relations between the South American country and the United Kingdom, as well as other European and global Investors. The event is a joint effort between the British Government, the Colombian Embassy, ProColombia in the United Kingdom and binational chambers of commerce.

For the CIO 2021 virtual edition, to be held from June 22nd to June 24th, a portfolio of opportunities in sectors such as infrastructure, technology, agribusiness, energy, hospitality and tourism, among others will be available for investors to meet with.

Besides the individual meetings, during the three days high level speakers such as President of Colombia, Iván Duque, the Finance Minister, José Manuel Restrepo, and Flavia Santoro, President of ProColombia, will discuss the central role of FDI in Colombia’s economic recovery; a fiscal overview of about Colombia and financial regulation updates; and the importance of sustainable investment, as well as Infrastructure and Energy in a post-COVID era.

In the infrastructure sector, several important developments in Colombian cities such as Medellin, Bogotá and Cartagena will be presented to investors. Moreover, the infrastructure projects showcased during the CIO 2021 aim to develop key toll roads, airports, telecommunication infrastructure, schools and R&D centers around Colombia.

Technology and IT projects are instrumental to Colombia. Participating companies are looking for partnerships and international investors and most of them are related to fintech solutions, artificial Intelligence, software development and other creative ventures.

Colombia is committed to sustainable growth. 100% of the energy projects promoted in this event focus on renewable energy generation in different regions of the country.

Also, Colombia weather conditions are key for enabling all year-round crops, which makes the country attractive for projects in coffee, cocoa, fruits, as well as other products such as medical cannabis and sustainable wood production.

“The main objective for CIO 2021 is to strengthen the British and European perspective on Colombia, highlighting specific opportunities to promote interest and investment on upcoming years, and positioning Colombia as a main trade partner for these markets in Latam region,” stated Flavia Santoro, President of ProColombia.

In the last edition, in 2019, the event took place in Mansion House, where more than 330 guests joined conferences, more than 24 projects, and 16 Colombian listed companies met with British and European investors.

As a region, Europe is the world´s largest investor in Colombia while the United Kingdom ranks fourth, according to reports from Banco de la República (Central Bank).

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