Amanda Aguillard named COO of Padgett

Padgett Business Services, a business and accounting services provider, has named Amanda Aguillard its new…

Padgett Business Services, a business and accounting services provider, has named Amanda Aguillard its new chief operating officer. Aguillard will be in charge of operational and logistical guidance for the company’s network of franchises.

A well known figure in the accounting space, Aguillard is the founder of Accounting Salon, a think tank of accounting experts that works to develop better develop strategies and tools to assist accountants as they incorporate cloud-based accounting services into their practices, as well as Elefant Training, which offers education for accountants. She’s worked in large, national accounting firms, as well as founding her own small business. She is also an ambassador for accounting software maker Xero, and was named the company’s evangelist of the year in 2016. She recently published a guide to the software titled “Xero: A Comprehensive Guide for Accountants and Bookkeepers.”

Amanda Aguillard

Padgett Business Services

In her new role, her responsibilities will include identifying and adding the latest cloud technologies to the Padgett firm operating model. Aguillard also will be focused on developing and facilitating the necessary trainings to ensure these platforms and tools are successfully implemented by Padgett firms.

“One of the things that most intrigued me about joining the Padgett team is the fact that we have the resources of large, national brand, but, we’re also this network of small, local practices with deep connections to their own individual communities,” Aguillard said in a statement. “Because of COVID-19, many of our clients have been forced to adopt technology in some form or fashion. That gives us the opportunity to take advantage of these resources to better equip our offices to serve these clients during a time of rapid change.”

“There’s no doubt that Amanda is going to be a great addition to the Padgett corporate team, and her expansive experience and extensive expertise will enable us to grow smarter and adapt faster,” said Padgett CEO Jeff Phillips in a statement. “We want to be at the forefront of innovation, helping to spur change that empowers our offices and helps our customers. The pandemic forced us to adapt, and we’ve learned a lot in the past year. Amanda is the right person to take those learnings and propel us to the next level with regard to customer service and cutting-edge technology.”

Aguillard will work remotely from New Orleans.