AI-Driven Business Marketing Tool Offers Thousands of Prizes

Shoppers can take advantage of the marketplace, through the CLICK 2 EARN program, and earn…

Shoppers can take advantage of the marketplace, through the CLICK 2 EARN program, and earn points to redeem for gift cards and products

iListUGoOver 32,000 small to medium-sized businesses are already leveraging the platform, iListUGo continues to bring marketing value in the form of AI-driven, aggregate search opportunities to customers around the world since June 2020. Businesses and shoppers in the Americas, Africa, and even Australia, have benefited from the iListUGo platform.

Unlike traditional search tools, iListUGo drives users to targeted businesses through AI-driven matchmaking, taking into account a user’s interests and search habits from multiple sources. With Search becoming an increasingly complex topic, delivering high-quality results means understanding popular search behaviors, as well as negating those that are less popular.

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Shoppers and customers who visit the iListUGo website are likely drawing upon previous search engine behaviors, favoring loosely connected strings of words that they hope will bring them to their intended results. Searches for “ladies clothing”, “black forest cake”, “oil change” or “emergency dentist” are just a few examples of the abstract keyword matches that shoppers use to reach their digital destinations. Like most search engines, business listings on iListUGo are displayed in order of relevance, favoring those businesses that utilize the keywords in their descriptions.

“We are extremely satisfied with our current growth, as we are helping thousands of small and medium businesses from around the world. 2023 will be explosive as we reach our target of 100,000 listings” said Wing Lee, EVP of Global Sales,

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